Remote Learning

Online Student Resources

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Remote Learning Schedule


Blended learning students go to school four x per week:


  • Students will receive in-person instruction 4 days per week. Students will participate in remote learning for non-in person days.

  • Students whose families choose fully remote learning will receive remote instruction every day.



Tues. 8:30-2:00

Wed. 8:30-2:00

Thurs. 8:30-2:00

Fri. 8:30-2:00

In-Person Schedule

Fully Remote

Live Instruction

Live Instruction

Live Instruction

Live Instruction


Operoo Registration

Use Operoo for registration:

  • 3k
  • 4K Registration
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • The website will allow parents to complete the following actions:
    • Student Registration Form
    • Medical Form
    • Home Language Identification Survey
    • Admission Questionnaire
    • Parent/Student Ethnic Identification Form
    • Blue Card
    • Proof of Residence
    • Proof of Age
    • Ability to upload all documents normally brought to school with the use of a cell phone.


At-home learning will look different than a typical school day. The amount of time your child should be expected to engage in learning activities will vary by age and grade level. The expectations below are guidelines. If your child is not able to complete at-home learning assignments within the time periods recommended below, contact your child's teacher to discuss a modified assignment load.

  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work (ideally a desk or table) and the school supplies they need. Try to remove distractions like the television or other technology not needed for learning. 
  • Your child may benefit from focusing on a limited number of subjects each day. For example, If they are working at home on Wednesday and Friday, they may want to work on science and math on Mondays and Social Studies and English Language Arts on Friday.
  • As we get further into the semester, your child's schedule might adjust to meet changing needs. It's always a great idea to maintain open communication with your child's teacher.